We were founded on the simple principle that you should be in control, rather than be controlled.

By applying camera action “rules” to recorded and live surveillance events we turn reaction into action - Imagine quick accessible data rather than hours of video to review. Our modern camera solutions provide valuable information and optimal data to help you better manage and secure your important assets and protect your personnel. Surveillance events and recorded footage can be transformational on how you better protect, engage and even energize your retail environment. Real-time threat detection puts you back in control. Our intelligent audio detecting solutions offer aggression, gunshot, and patient awareness solutions that provide peace of mind and uncompromising quality. Critical infrastructure is secured with systems designed to quickly and immediately classify objects to better deter and defend. In the end, your surveillance system adds value rather than an added expense. Lastly but most importantly, our installation services are unparalleled because even the best equipment is nearly useless if deployed in a substandard manner.

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